Meat & Poultry

Meat & Poultry

John Boy’s Farm

Farmer John Ubaldo uses time honored traditional methods to raise his Berkshire pigs, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys. All animals are born and pastured on John’s farm outside Salem, NY. Using only locally grown, GMO free, fresh grains for their animals, John Boys‘ products are guaranteed to be only the best. John works especially hard to produce his line of pork products. His winning combination of old-world tending methods and modern emphasis on bioethics, his English-bred Berkshire pigs retain many of the old-time characteristics and meat qualities not seen in U.S.-bred Berks. Meaty, thick and full-flavored, whether smoked or not, John’s cuts are some of the juiciest and most robust pork available.

Bacon Chorizo
Shoulder Bacon Mulard Duck
Country Ham Pasture-Raised Chickens
Breakfast Sausage Quail

7X Beef

We found the single best breed of cattle—an ancient bloodline known for its superior marbling and unique muscle texture. Then we raise our herd in the Colorado high country using sustainable ranching methods, nourishing it on natural grass and grain and pure spring water. We let the cattle grow at their own pace, never hurrying them along. Then we butcher by hand to exact specifications, creating a steak with a taste so sublime, you’ll swear it’s the first time you’ve ever really eaten beef.
All of our cuts are limited production but are available for special order.