SOLEX fine foods

Purveyor of premium quality delicacies, including premium wild mushrooms, the finest in local dairy
and produce, wild game and seafood. Solex is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients coupled with exemplary service.

Who we are

The expertise and passion behind SOLEX fine foods stems from its founder, Markus Draxler, whose dedication to excellence comes from his rich history in the world of fine foods.


What we do

We are a partner in addressing our clients¹ diverse culinary needs. Whether for a single ingredient or entire meal, we supply the finest foods, enabling exceptional culinary creations.


Our products

SOLEX fine foods specializes in delivering the freshest and unique products available. We offer a wide array of seasonally available products including: seafood, wild game, premium wild and cultivated mushrooms,dairy, produce, herbs & spices, as well as oils and other condiments.