Purveyor of premium quality delicacies, including premium wild mushrooms, the finest in local dairy and produce, wild game and seafood. Solex is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients coupled with exemplary service.


Who we are and what we do

We are a partner in addressing our client's  diverse culinary needs, whether for a single ingredient or entire meal, we supply the finest foods, enabling exceptional culinary creations. The expertise and passion behind SOLEX Fine Foods stems from its founder, Markus Draxler, whose dedication to excellence comes from his rich history in the world of fine foods. 

SOLEX Fine Foods specializes in delivering the freshest and most unique products available including imported seafood, wild game, premium wild and cultivated mushrooms, dairy, produce, herbs and spices, as well as oils, vinegars, and other ingredients of exceptional quality.


Smoked Salmon

All of Solex Catsmo's smoked salmon begins as ultra-fresh raw product that is carefully inspected for aesthetic perfection as well as scent and texture. Daily deliveries of fresh raw seafood must have the scent of the ocean and nothing else. Our salmon contains no preservatives, artificial colorings or flavors. The salmon chosen for smoking is always fresh and never frozen, before or after the smoking process.  

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NOIR Caviar is a confluence of like-minded gourmets. Their goal was to create a luxury caviar brand that met their own high standards of quality as well as aesthetic beauty. Quality caviar must have a bright glossy color, fresh smell, uniformly sized eggs, and lightly salty flavor, NOIR Caviar meets all of these criteria. To ensure their goal, caviar is sourced from only the best sturgeon farms around the world and every shipment is graded as it arrives to ensure that only the best make its way into the NOIR Caviar line.

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Solex Fine Foods has sought out purveyors of the finest wild mushrooms on the market. This extensive network of foragers ensures that you will receive the freshest, highest quality product available anywhere. In addition to offering the finest in wild foraged mushrooms we have expanded to include cultivated mushrooms that are an important staple of any menu. As in all our products, we have balanced flavor and sustainability to provide the best in domestic and international cultivated mushrooms.

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Wild-Caught Game

We are proud to offer an extensive list of wild game rarely seen on the American market. Ranging from Wild Mountain Hare to Wood Pigeon, our product comes from the finest sources guaranteeing that it exhibits the flavors beloved by food connoisseurs worldwide.

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In our effort to provide the only the best products available we have chosen a handful of small farms and creameries which can all be found a few miles of the City in Upstate New York. Our goal of bringing the freshest, highest quality dairy products from farm to table, sometimes in less than a day’s time has been achieved through the careful selection of the farms we have chosen to patronize.

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