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Wild Mushrooms / Wild Foraged Mushrooms

Solex Fine Foods has sought out purveyors of the finest wild mushrooms on the market. This extensive network of foragers ensures that you will receive the freshest, highest quality product available anywhere. In particular we rely on our regional exclusive distribution of mushrooms from British Columbia based, Mikuni Wild Harvest. Forager owned and operated, Mikuni has long been respected for its consistent offerings of the best mushrooms available in the US Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.

  • Morels (April – July) - Similar to a Christmas light bulb in shape or a Brain textured ace of spades. It grows throughout North America. Prized for their culinary value and distinctive appearance, morels are a favorite of mushroom hunters

  • Porcini (September – June) - This mushroom is known world-wide as one of the best edibles. It has a characteristic shape with a swollen bulbous base, and its cap has a characteristic texture, like very well buffed, soft, sticky leather. It has a white to olive yellow pores under the cap

  • St. George (March – May) - The St George’s mushroom is a very versatile and subtle mushroom. It has a pleasant and penetrating floral smell

  • Mousseron (May – July) - Forming arcs or rings in lawns and pastures it is distinguished by a smooth, cream to buff-colored, umbonate cap, well-spaced, adnexed to nearly free gills, tough, wiry stipe, and white spores.

  • Golden Chanterelles (September – May) - The Chanterelle ranges in color from egg yellow to Orange, it is funnel shaped, with a mild apricot aroma. It is harvested throughout North America in all kinds of woodlands particularly under oaks and conifers

  • White Chanterelles (August – October) - The White Chanterelle is a meatier mushroom which is milder in flavor and aroma. It is harvested throughout North America in all kinds of woodlands predominantly in Pacific Coastal Areas under conifers

  • Yellow Foot Chanterelles (December – March) - These small and delicate mushrooms are brightly colored with a golden yellow stem. Also known as the funnel chanterelle or yellow leg mushroom, they have a subtle flavor similar to the mild Golden Chaterelle.

  • Lobster Mushrooms (July – October) - The lobster mushroom is a meaty mushroom, meatier in fact than most portabello mushrooms. They are red like cooked lobsters and have a seafood-esque flavor that’s sweet, delicate, and delicious. These mushrooms grow in abundance in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and they are only found in natural areas with living trees

  • Fried Chicken Mushrooms (June – October) - Fried Chicken mushrooms offer an adaptable, pleasantly mild flavor and a firm texture. They can be anywhere from white to dark brown in color and one to four inches in height. They are usually found in dense clusters near decaying trees and grassy fields

  • Hedgehog Mushrooms (December – March) - One of the less well-known varieties of wild mushrooms, hedgehog mushrooms shouldn’t be overlooked. Hedgehogs are smallish brown and white mushrooms that get their name from having small tooth-like projections rather than gills underneath their caps. They have a firm, dense texture and a delightfully rich, buttery flavor (sometimes with a slight peppery note) that some describe as chanterelle-esque. In fact, hedgehogs share several microscopic characteristics with golden chanterelles, and mycologists have speculated that the two varieties may be related

  • Black Trumpets (December – March) - (AKA black chanterelles, craterelle or horn of plenty mushrooms) are a fragile, trumpet-shaped variety with a waxy grey surface. They are a very rich and buttery mushroom, slightly tough in texture (but not unpleasantly so) with a sweet, earthy richness that is great in soups

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Cultivated Mushrooms

In addition to offering the finest in wild foraged mushrooms we have expanded to include cultivated mushrooms that are an important staple of any menu. As in all our products, we have balanced flavor and sustainability to provide the best in domestic and international cultivated mushrooms.

  • Abalone - “White elf”, looks like large meaty oyster, aromatic.
  • Hon Shimeji - Shaped like the shiitake, this mushroom can be light brown, gray or white; it is firm textured with gills.
  • Maitake - Grown throughout most of the US at the bases of deciduous trees.The clustered, overlapping grayish-brown, lateral spoon- or fan-shaped caps grow 3/4 to 2-3/4 inches wide.
  • Shiitake - Also known as the black forest mushroom, our shiitakes are available in medium and baby variaties.
  • Trumpet Royal / French Horn / King Oyster - It is cultivated on the sawdust of broad-leaved trees and are available in a variety of sizes.
  • King Oyster - USA, nutty flavor and dense texture.