Foraged & Exotic


At Solex we know that staying ahead of the latest trends in the culinary arts takes a keen eye. The dialogue we maintain with chefs, foragers and farmers allows us to consistently update our product list with new and obscure products from here at home and across the globe, offering our chefs and their clientele robust and intriguing flavors you’ll be hard press to find elsewhere.

Sea Buckthorn-1000.jpg

Sea Buckthorn (CANADA), tart yellow berries, notes of passion fruit and peach

Sea Buckthorn Juice (CANADA), juice from tart yellow berries, notes of passion fruit and peach

Fiddlehead Ferns (OREGON), Purple tinged, west coast variety

Heart of Palm (HAWAII), fresh, tender and delicate flavor with subtle sweetness.

Green Walnuts (CANADA), only available for a brief 8-week period from late April to the middle of June.

Miner’s Lettuce (OREGON), is a fleshy annual native to the Pacific Northwest

White Asparagus (AUSTRIA), Available in May and June in Jumbo and Regular; hand-picked

Ramps (WV), Bold and spicy

Stinging Nettle (WASHINGTON), Native to the Pacific Northwest

Currants (OREGON), Flash frozen

Black Garlic (UNITED STATES), Dark black, flavor like aged balsamic, yuzu, chewy type texture

Mountain Huckleberry (OREGON), Flash Frozen

Finger Limes (CALIFORNIA), Four Winds Nursery


Chinese Tubers, available seasonally