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7X Beef

We found the single best breed of cattle—an ancient bloodline known for its superior marbling and unique muscle texture. Then we raise our herd in the Colorado high country using sustainable ranching methods, nourishing it on natural grass and grain and pure spring water. We let the cattle grow at their own pace, never hurrying them along. Then we butcher by hand to exact specifications, creating a steak with a taste so sublime, you’ll swear it’s the first time you’ve ever really eaten beef.
All of our cuts are limited production but are available for special order.

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Brooklyn Cured

Brooklyn Cured makes small-batch charcuterie using sustainable meat and fine-dining technique. They make sausages, hot dogs, bacon, smoked meats, and salumi using meat raised with no antibiotics from farms that they trust. Their products and flavor profiles are inspired by the cultural diversity and culinary history of Brooklyn neighborhoods that have attracted hard-working people from all over the world. Brooklyn native Scott Bridi founded the company in 2010 when he set up a stand at New Amsterdam Market. He has years of experience cooking in restaurants and making charcuterie in New York, most notably at Gramercy Tavern and Marlow and Daughters butcher shop. Scott’s friends helped him come up with the name Brooklyn Cured while hanging out on the Coney Island boardwalk on a summer night in 2010. Over the years, Brooklyn Cured has grown steadily and sustainably.